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Research is not just listening.

by Annie Pettit, Ph.D.; Conversition,
Social media research has come to be synonymous with the word listening. But research isn’t listening. If it was, anyone could eavesdrop on a Facebook fanpage or read through Twitter or skim YouTube comments and […]

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Brands: Lots of Talking, Not Much Listening

A few weeks ago Ted McConnell, EVP Digital at ARF, and I had a brief conversation where we talked about the ratio of talking to listening. He said, “if you divide the number of dollars spent on ads by the […]

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Social Media Monitoring is Not Research

By Tom O’Brien (CMO) & David Rabjohns (CEO); MotiveQuest LLC
Have you ever tried to fix your own car?
I have, because I have the tools.  Even with the tools it ended with innumerable parts spread across the garage floor and a […]

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Listening and B2B Sales (Panel, Video)

B2B sales and marketing professionals Molly Sargent and Tom Greve (Publisher, Credit Union Times) and your author, Steve Rappaport, discuss the relationship between successful listening and closing sales. Organized and moderated by Hank Berkowitz, CEO, HB Publishing and Development.

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