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Further lessons from the Mideast for business – keep the social communication flowing

Listen First’s! chapter 12 on reputation documented issues companies faced when shutting down their social communication. I blogged about it some months ago. Now Navid Hassenpour, a political science student at Yale, adds further evidence that governments, and businesses, do […]

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Should companies do their own listening?

Following workshops and sessions I give on listening, when people want to talk one-on-one or take a meal together, I hear a story along these lines:
We’re very interested in listening and just went through a time-consuming vendor evaluation. We picked […]

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Listening: A source of business advantage

Nearly anywhere you turn online, people are talking about your products and categories, what they like and dislike, what they want, what pleases them or ticks them off, and what they would like you to do, or stop doing. Twitter, […]

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Marshall Sponder Reviews Listen First!

Marshall Sponder, author of Social Media Analytics, reviewed Listen First! It’s a very thorough review, with emphasis on methodological issues, and I endorse his conclusion
Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations Into Business Advantage by Stephen D. Rappaport is a book everyone […]

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Listening – Online Data and Privacy Issues

The MRS Market Research Standards Board recent discussion paper raises issues. This set of recommendations has raised serious questions about their applicability and value for listening research. Michalis Michael of DigitalMR posted a response here, and there is an active thread […]

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