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Listen First! Japanese Edition Coming March 2012

It’s official. Leading business book publisher Shoeisha Co., Ltd. will be bringing out a Japanese version of Listen First! Last April, Dentsu expressed interest in having the book published in Japan because of growing interest in listening. As with the […]

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Sentiment Analysis Symposium November 9 – A Conversation with Seth Grimes

With Sentiment Analysis Symposium coming up next month. I caught up with sentiment and text analytics expert Seth Grimes to talk about the state of the art, the upcoming conference, and what people can expect to get from it.  I asked […]

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The End of Listening as we Know it: From Market Research Projects to Enterprise Value Creator: A Listen First! Excerpt

The “mental models” we hold either limit or expand our opportunities. I had the good fortune to collaborate with Wharton’s Jerry Wind, the authority on mental models in business, on an essay for Listen First! on listening’s mental model and […]

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Listen First! Italian Edition News. Case Studies Wanted.

I’m working with Daniele Lombardo on the translation and developing Italian case studies for a new chapter in Listen First! If you have a case study that includes Italian brands and involved work in Italy, you can submit them to: “”. […]

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