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Event Listening: A Way to Understand Where You’ve Been, Where You Are, and Where You’re Going

One reason why people post, comment, review or converseĀ online is because they are responding to – or motivated by – events that occur. Events can be such things as new ideas, product introductions, protests, legislation, military action, or natural disaster. […]

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Future Direction for the Listen First! Blog

Now that I’ve had experience writing the blog for a few months, I finally figured out where I can make the most contribution to your thinking and work, and that is to zero-in on topics dealing with the “philosophy” of […]

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Going Beyond Listening – Recognizing Patterns and Thinking Through Them for Business Opportunity

My November 2nd workshop for Chicago-area ARF members concentrated less on the listening’s nuts and bolts – that’s in the book, anyway, and focused on hands-on experience. The 90-minute session had three interactive components: 1) rolling up the sleeves to […]

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