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Three New Questions for Seth Grimes – Sentiment Analysis Symposium, May 8, 2012

The Sentiment Analysis Symposium returns to NYC on May 8, 2012. This edition focuses on “what your customers are thinking, tweeting, blogging or posting.”
I had the opportunity, once again, to pose a few questions to Seth Grimes, the organizer and […]

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Listen First! Japanese Edition launches April 12

Just found out. Here’s the link:
Details to follow.

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Social Listening before there was a Web

Conversing with colleagues this morning, I mentioned that social listening to online conversations predated the Web. This took one by surprise, so I dug up a guest editorial I wrote for the Internet Business Report in 1994 about how I […]

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Listeners need to be Historians

James Dewar’s 1998 essay The Information Age and the Printing Press: Looking Backward to See Forward grapples with trying to make sense of the information age and where it will go. Here’s the problem:
It is difficult to see where the information age […]

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Italian Companies are Impressive Listeners and Mental Model Challengers

Italian companies may be the best suited firms for listening that I have met so far. Daniele Lombardo who translated and interviewed packaged foods companies – Bakery Barilla and Ferrero; media companies – TV Italia LA7 and Rai; CPG firms […]

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Top Brands Still Working with Outdated Mental Models

Brands continue to be guided by their old mental model of advertising – one way communication designed to teach, persuade and result in a transaction – when participating in social media (see our post from last year here). eMarketer’s chart […]

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Pairing Listening and Wine

As part of my trip to Italy for the launch of the expanded Italian edition (Hoepli 2012), my hosts arranged a trip to the Oddero winery in Piedmont. There we me Cristina Oddero, the winemaker and owner, and her niece […]

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