KPMG Acquires Wise Window – Why?

I met  Marshall Toplansky, Wise Window founder, at the AIMRI conference on April 27. We both got there early and had a few minutes to chat, along with Greenbook blog’s Lenny Murphy.

I’ve posted elsewhere that Lenny moderated a panel I was on, where I argued that for measurement to be meaningful, the measures had to derive from an underlying framework, model or theory. That line of discussion never meets with much success. In fact, when interviewing leading listening researchers for Listen First! I led with a question about which theory, model or framework they used. No one said they used one, insisting on practicality.

But Marshall had news: he had just sold Wise Window to KPMG. Why? Because KPMG sees an opportunity – to measure business results using social measurement in a disciplined way. And that means having a framework, theory or model.

It’s time to move away from “beauty contest” metrics to those that reflect meaningful business performance. What will you do?


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