Social Media Listening and Privacy

I’m presenting my study on listening and privacy to ARF’s Social Media Forum on June 25 at 2:30pm. Registration is free to ARF members, who can register at MyARF.

The talk is part of a program on Debunking the Obstacles to Using Social Intelligence for Market Research. Details are here. It’s a very rich program, with presos by Paul Banas of Kraft and Tom Thai of Bluefin Labs. Here’s a recap:

Many organizations have proven that social media plays a critical role in their marketing research, yet others are still hesitant to fully embrace social research in their programs. Concerns about ROI, representativeness, privacy, and changing technology are the reasons given for keeping many researchers from exploring the rich insights to be gained from social media. In this forum, expert practitioners from across the industry will address and debunk the following issues with case studies and real world advice:

  • Obstacle #1: Social media is a moving target. It changes too fast to really understand
  • Obstacle #2: I can’t fit social media research into my current research program because
  • I cannot guarantee that it is representative of my target buyer.
  • Obstacle #3: My users aren’t online, so social media research doesn’t apply.
  • Obstacle #4: Social media research is a privacy minefield I’d rather not get involved.

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