“Thanks so very much for the excellent presentation and workshop. The class loved it … a very big hit, indeed.  We all learned so much in that hour that students will apply to their final projects.” Professor Mark Edelman, NYU, October 11

“Listening for Business Advantage,” Podcast available here. Interviewer: Allie Siarto, Michigan State University, October 3, 2012. 

“Listen First! seeks to demonstrate how to turn conversations in social media for competitive advantage. The book is well structured, starting with a basic chapter to “steps for the effective monitoring” by chapters on innovation and the future of the area. Brings several cases throughout the book, including examples of analysis …” Review by Tarcizio Silva, February 20, full review is here. (Note: Silva is Brazilian. Review is in Portugese, translate with Google).

“I always read your work when I can and found your session at last August’s ARF Summer learning Series to be one of the best,” Alan Moskowitz, Director, Client Services, Communispace, February 21, 2012.

“Listen First,” interview with Steve Rappaport by Gabriele Zacchetti of Data Manager Online (Italy), on launch of book in Italy. Article is here. Includes audio. February 2012.

“Listen First,” video interview with Steve Rappaport by TG3, on launch of book in Italy. Watch it here. Dubbed into Italian. February 2012.

“I have the book, and it’s great. It taught me a lot.” Sibel Satirglu, Hewlett Packard, IPG Worldwide Marketing, Consumer Insights

“I just tried this [Insight Consequence Analysis, taught in a workshop] with one of our test beverages and was amazed at the insights I was able to glean in a very short amount of time. Thanks so much for passing along this knowledge. Salina Dayton, Starbucks Coffee Company,  US Testing

“Your presentation came across very well, thought provoking and stimulating,” Helen Bartlett, Organizer, Festival of New MR, November 14. 2011

“And now a Word from our Sponsor: The Role of Paid Ads in Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Social Media Savvy Environment,” extensively quoted in this article by Stephanie Grayson in Advertising Week, November 7, 2011. Read

“Very inspirational! Thank you for the presentation,” Ward de Jager, tweet sent after my presentation to the Festival of New MR.

“Listen First! will start the conversation on online listening in all companies,” Research and Markets

“The Measurement Standard Summer Reading List: 5 Measurement Books You Could, Sure, Take to the Beach,” #1.  A great place to start your social media strategy is Stephen D. Rappaport’s, Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations into Business Advantage. It’s a detailed workbook of how to begin listening to your customers, how to manage a social media listening program, and how to use the research correctly. Katie Delahaye Paine, June 27, Read.

“I think your book has to be translated into French : to me, it is an essential reading to any planner, marketer or RP professionnal nowadays, even for analysts you raise very congruent issues.” Marguerite Leenhardt, Universite Sorbonne

” a nifty tour through the world of social media and marketing – offering case studies of best practice and how to ‘turn conversations to business advantage’.  Published by the Advertising Research Foundation – one of the books that’s NOT half-baked but the full loaf.” MRS Book Club, August 26, 

“Steve, Knowledge Solutions Director for the Advertising Research Foundation, created an essential resource for marketers to develop new strategies to listen to consumers to grow their business Jeanne Hard,  “Book Alerts,” The Daily Norwalk, August 25, 2011

Listen First” is a book everyone in this space should have on their book shelves … go for it.” Full review is hereMarshall Sponder, Author, Social Media Analytics, August 09, 2011

“Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations Into Business Advantage by Stephen D. Rappaport is a book everyone in this space should have on their book shelves,” Marshall Sponder, author Social Media Analytics. Full review is here.

#TTRA session on listening. Great learning. Thanks, @steverappaport. – Donna J. Sears, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Acadia University

“I’m just about ½ way through your book and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’m NOT a digital native (not even within a decade or two) and am finding your book to be so helpful in thinking about how the various tools fit together. I work in Corporate Innovation and my primary role is to provide training and marketing support for new tools and techniques across Custom Research North America,” Joan Palmquist, EVP, GfK

“Am loving, and recommending your book all over the place,” Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO, KDPaine & Partners, LLC, and The Measurement Standard

Thanks @steverappaport@The_ARF for great session on Social Research & for hosting in LA!!! Great to attend a local event Zoe Dowling, PhD., Chief Research Officer, Added Value

“This book is packed!” Mitch Joel, CEO, Twist Image, author of Six Pixels of Separation, quote in podcast interview.

Quoted in Brandweek article Rise of the Machines, about the use of text mining by brands.

“Thank you very much for being the main resource/speaker at our YPO-WPO webinars on the business advantages of listening. I know that the members that participated were very pleased with the take-home value the webinars offered. The case studies that you shared were easy to get and actionable.” Michalis Michael, Managing Director, DigitalMR and member of YPO’s International Education Committee (Note: YPO-WPO is the Young President’s Organization and World President’s Organization. Webinars were done for EMEA and Asia regions).


Review of Listen First! Workshop from Greenbook (March 28, 2011) :

Did [ the ARF Re:think Workshop] live up to it’s promise? Yes. It was a great honest review of what technologies are in use, how they are being used, and most imortantly, what the impact of social media on market research has been and will be in the future. The bottom line? Social listening is a major strategic initiative for brands, it’s still rapidly evolving, it’s here to stay, and market research MUST embrace it. This was a great session for anyone working in the space to get a broader view of exactly what this sea change means for us all. The tone of the conference was established at [this] session led by Steve Rappaport of the ARF, Converseon, and Harris Interactive.

Review of Listen First by Association Adviser just came out (March 14, 2011). Click here to read.

NY AAPOR “I wanted you to know how well received your presentation was for us at NYAAPOR (American Association of Public Opinion Research). There is still quite a buzz related to so many of the points you included. At our most recent event, attendees were still discussing ‘Listening’ and how provocative it was in terms of their own businesses and areas of interest. Everyone was equally impressed by the wealth of knowledge you have at hand. This presentation should be ‘taken on the road’ since I and my colleagues (not only those who attended but also those with whom I have shared your ideas) are so enthusiastic about pursuing this further and getting this word out to others.  Thank you so much for giving your time and for including us in these revolutionary steps as we all make a foray into the next era in our research, marketing and advertising worlds.” — Rhoda L. Brooks, Program Director, NY AAPOR and President, IPC

“I will definitely ATTEND your session [Listen First Express workshop] because this is the main reason why i am flying away from JAPAN!” — Kohei Washio, dentsu

“Many thanks for hosting and addressing the Austrian CEOs during their Future of Advertising Master Class.  Your presentation and discussion were informative and insightful.  Many of your ideas found their ways to our reflection session and will most likely have a real impact on the participants’ plans to rethink their advertising and marketing strategies.” — Professor Yoram (Jerry) Wind, The Lauder Professor, The Wharton School (on behalf of Austrian Advantage)

“We started J&D’s with a single idea – to make Everything Taste Like Bacon. We had no experience in the food industry and funded the launch of Bacon Salt, our flagship product with a $5k win on America’s Funniest Home Videos. All we needed now were customers. We learned that bacon lovers were debating all things porcine on blogs and social networks everywhere every day. So we decided to go where the conversations were and we’ve been listening ever since. We use social media to connect with our customers, promote our advancements in bacon-o-vation and ask for their feedback on new product development. If you’re an entrepreneur or run a small business, this book will give you lots of examples and terrific and practical ideas for creatively listening to your customers and growing it.” — Justin Esch, co-founder, J&D’s Foods

“This superb book synthesizes the industry’s best thinking and reveals winning strategies for capitalizing on the massive upside of listening. Based on real cases with marketplace results and the best research available, Listen First! is an invaluable leadership resource for marketing executives, and will help organizations create real competitive advantage. Listening to the wired, unprompted, and networked voices in this market environment is no longer an option….it’s a fundamental requirement in today’s highly competitive, consumer-driven market.” — Dave Hudson, CEO, NM Incite, a joint venture of McKinsey and Nielsen

“One by one, the best Marketing Companies are putting “listening to consumers” on their strategic agenda. Following each announcement, we hear …. silence, as staff groups try to grapple with the new directive.  Now, Steve Rappaport has created a timely, un-hyped, and pragmatic field guide for those exploring the world of listening. Put your ear to the ground, stop shouting, and get ready for hard work… but first read this book.” — Ted McConnell, EVP Digital, the ARF; former head of Digital Marketing Innovation for Procter & Gamble

“Listening is a business imperative … especially in a world of empowered consumers. Brands are getting built and nurtured in a very different way. This book is a must read of anyone who wants to succeed in this new world order.” —Stan Sthanunathan, Vice President – Marketing Strategy & Insights, Coca-Cola

Are you concerned about the generalizability and validity of internet panels, the growing problem of non-response rate of marketing research studies, the challenge of dealing with the empowered and skeptical consumers, the increased pressure to engage consumers, employees and other stakeholders, the increased uncertainty and complexity of today’s business. the shift of the global growth to Asia and the need to gain better and valid customer, employee and stakeholders insights while focusing on the ROI of your marketing dollars? If the answer to these or any related question is yes, you must develop and implement a listening strategy. Yet, how many of you have an effective listening strategy? To help guide you in the listening maze, identify new business opportunities, select the right partners for the development and implementation of an effective listening strategy, this book is a MUST and enjoyable READ! —Prof. Yoram (Jerry) Wind, The Lauder Professor, The Wharton School

Listen First! builds on my earlier book on listening, The ARF Listening Playbook. Here are reviews that book garnered:

… essential reading for listening novices as well as experts. For the novices it provides hand-holding strategies, illustrative cases and a guide to resources. Experts can use the book to benchmark best practice and refine strategies. —Douglas West, Executive Editor, Journal of Advertising Research

A timely and important contribution toward our understanding of a new dynamic market. It has been very helpful in our new business planning and development efforts. Client cases enable us to see more clearly the real value of social media. —Michael Kassab, Senior Vice President of Innovation, GfK Custom Research North America

I am constantly quoting The ARF Listening Playbook’s framework for research transformation … really listening is essential in order for research to be effective in the future. This book captures it, explains it and activates it! —Britta Ware, VP, Research Solutions, Meredith

This book is a strong reference for the professional. Why? the many case studies, actionable frameworks, and vendor profiles teach important lessons, provide game plans and help evaluate key players. —Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Customer Strategy, Altimeter Group

This superb book distills the industry’s best thinking on the massive upside of listening. It’s a leadership manual for the “new marketing.” Listening to the wired, unprompted, and networked voices in this market environment pays. —Pete Blackshaw, exec VP of Nielsen Online Digital Strategic Services and author of ‘Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000

The future of branding belongs to those with the most perceptive ears. The impeccable case histories are essential reading for gleaning a deeper understanding of what makes the people tick who drive our products, brands and culture. —James P. Othmer, author of ADLAND, THE FUTURIST and HOLY WATER

The ARF Listening Playbook is a very systematic and detailed presentation of state-of-the-art practices in listening to consumer conversations in their natural on-line environments. It presents a definition of listening; the reasons brands listen; the structure of listening initiatives; the objectives that listening initiatives can fulfill; best practices; and a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of listening vendors. In short, valuable information on almost every page, and everything required to make your marketing significantly more in-touch, intelligent and efficient. Instead of trying to position your brand through communication brute force, the ARF Listening Playbook shows you how to achieve a detailed read on what consumers are already saying about your brand and its category. This makes it significantly easier to navigate your brand from its spontaneous positioning to your desired positioning by ‘going with the winds’ and carefully monitoring and managing existing consumer conversations, sentiment and engagement. A must-read for intelligent marketers! —Sean S. on Amazon, May 17, 2010

This book is a jewel for anyone trying to understand the basics of social media to advanced topics in listening research. Steve has nicely highlighted different case studies that can be great tool for anyone trying to develop understanding of social media. Highly recommended. —Vishal Pandhya, former IBM listening researcher, from Amazon,  August 10, 2010

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