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Learning from our Companies: Listen for the Evolving Story

How often have questions like these come up: How did we do that? Why did it work? Why didn’t it work?
Answers usually draw upon a knowledge of the past, but we all know it’s hard to retrieve. People who […]

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Turn Listening’s Seven Deadly “Sins” into Virtues

Listening is not a “flavor of the month” or limited to one or two pet applications – customer care and insights come to mind, but needs to be seen as a potentially transforming practice with far-reaching and long-term consequences for […]

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Brands: Lots of Talking, Not Much Listening

A few weeks ago Ted McConnell, EVP Digital at ARF, and I had a brief conversation where we talked about the ratio of talking to listening. He said, “if you divide the number of dollars spent on ads by the […]

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