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How Should Researchers Collect Conversations for Social Listening?

Our field is challenged by privacy concerns. Researchers have come up with a variety of codes and policies to protect consumers while maintaining our ability to collect conversations for market research.  Yet, there are two key questions that are unanswered:
1. […]

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Listening Research Part 2 – Selecting Sources and Voices

After you have defined your scope, the next step is to locate the conversations and the places they occur, so that you can collect and, later, prepare for data processing and analysis. Where you listen, as well as the appropriateness […]

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Listening Research Part 1 – Set Objectives and Establish KPIs

Set Objectives in Relation to Business Goals

According to Coca-Cola marketing expert Stan Sthanunathan, listening research needs to be anticipatory, innovative, action-oriented, and focused on making real business impact in order to make a valued contribution (for more on this, read […]

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