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Italian Companies are Impressive Listeners and Mental Model Challengers

Italian companies may be the best suited firms for listening that I have met so far. Daniele Lombardo who translated and interviewed packaged foods companies – Bakery Barilla and Ferrero; media companies – TV Italia LA7 and Rai; CPG firms […]

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The End of Listening as we Know it: From Market Research Projects to Enterprise Value Creator: A Listen First! Excerpt

The “mental models” we hold either limit or expand our opportunities. I had the good fortune to collaborate with Wharton’s Jerry Wind, the authority on mental models in business, on an essay for Listen First! on listening’s mental model and […]

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Turn Listening’s Seven Deadly “Sins” into Virtues

Listening is not a “flavor of the month” or limited to one or two pet applications – customer care and insights come to mind, but needs to be seen as a potentially transforming practice with far-reaching and long-term consequences for […]

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