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Should companies do their own listening?

Following workshops and sessions I give on listening, when people want to talk one-on-one or take a meal together, I hear a story along these lines:
We’re very interested in listening and just went through a time-consuming vendor evaluation. We picked […]

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Embedding Listening into the Organization

Following panel moderation at #RealTime NY, Pattie Simone of WomenCentric.net interviewed me. We talked about one of the key takeouts from the panel – breaking the silos so that listening insights can flow throughout the organization, be acted upon and […]

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Turn Listening’s Seven Deadly “Sins” into Virtues

Listening is not a “flavor of the month” or limited to one or two pet applications – customer care and insights come to mind, but needs to be seen as a potentially transforming practice with far-reaching and long-term consequences for […]

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