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Listening – What is an Insight?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Professor Allie Siarto of Michigan State University on listening. The podcast is here:
We had a pretty freewheeling discussion on listening. Readers of Listen First or this blog will be familiar with my […]

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Listening to Wine Conversations: Six Questions for Paul Mabray, Vintank

Startup Vintank created a new “varietal” in social media listening, focusing their company’s offerings exclusively on the wine industry. They aim to provide an integrated social commerce platform with listening at its center. A wine lover myself, I couldn’t resist […]

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Social Media Monitoring – A Brazilian View

Tarcizio Silva is a Brazilian practitioner and authority on social media monitoring and listening, organizer of several e-books and a curator of the upcoming conference, Social Media Brazil.  We recently had an email conversation that touched on several topics of interest […]

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Marshall Sponder Reviews Listen First!

Marshall Sponder, author of Social Media Analytics, reviewed Listen First! It’s a very thorough review, with emphasis on methodological issues, and I endorse his conclusion
Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations Into Business Advantage by Stephen D. Rappaport is a book everyone […]

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Conversition’s Annie Pettit on Social Research

Social researcher Annie Pettit sat for an interview at the Advertising Research Foundations “Audience Measurement 5.0” in 2010. It was a fascinating conversation concerned with social research vs. monitoring, the need for sampling and weighting, disambiguation, and a host of […]

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Restaurant Grows by Social Media Monitoring

This story about AJ Bomber’s social media monitoring using Twitter helped a restaurant take wing. A line in the piece captures the notion that success comes not just from listening, but from acting on customers’ suggestions:
A large part of AJ […]

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