Listen First! workshops are a great way to:

  • train staff in listening research, applying listening findings to achieving business objectives, and have a sense of where listening is headed
  • educate partners or clients
  • develop or improve your organization’s listening strategy
  • learn analytic techniques that lead to developing strategic business opportunities

These are meaty sessions, not “dog and pony shows.”

We offer a variety of workshops to suit your needs:

  • Listening Express – a 75 minute workshop that presents the basics AND a hands- on session that really cements the learning.
  • Listening 1/2 Day – 4-hours focused on your listening issues, combined with a hands-on session on tools, analytic techniques and leveraging insights for business opportunities
  • Strategy Workshop – 1/2 day or full-day sessions focused on your issues, adding a facilitated component that leads to the development of strategy and/or making decisions.

Here are some examples:

  • A healthcare company sought to bring its R&D department up-to-speed so that its product development would be tied to customer insights
  • A consumer packaged goods company explored the business implications of a new test product they were “amazed at the insights we could glean in a very short period of time.”
  • A global research company that has ad hoc experience with listening looked to develop a strategy for incorporating listening into its product strategy
  • A major consumer products company had explored listening but wanted guidance on a way forward.  At the end of the workshop they decided on a project, the type of research to do, allocated budget and chose a vendor they had been considering
  • A global food company included a 1/2 day listening workshop a a module in its training program for its insights professionals from around the world (about 75 people)

Listening workshops are fee-based and include coverage of travel and entertainment expenses. They are a cost-effective way for any company to learn about listening, train staff to listen more effectively and apply listening to a wide range of business issues.

For further information or to book your workshop, contact Stephen Rappaport:

  • phone: 646-465-5783
  • email:
  • twitter: @steverappaport


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